We attended one of the first concerts, probably some 17 years ago, and this must have been the most exhilarating.  The playing was absolutely scintillating and it was wonderful to observe the enthusiasm and determination of the players.
I thought the Marryat Players covered themselves in glory under Leandro’s baton, and the soloists, especially Tudor Trita, were outstanding.
The orchestra played marvellously and the conductor was so encouraging to the children, so charming and engaging!  

Another fantastic concert! It was immensely enjoyable on many levels, and what talent!
I fully appreciated the very high standard of performance achieved by the youthful orchestra, and I was also able to enjoy what for me was an introduction to Astor Piazzolla’s music.
We thoroughly enjoyed the music, and it was wonderful to be introduced to some music with which I was previously unfamiliar. As ever, I marvelled at the nimbleness of those young fingers! 
It was very energising hearing the young players perform such a well-chosen programme and the standard was very impressive. 
The concert on Friday night went beyond our expectations, as we enjoyed and admired the young orchestra and its conductor.  
The Marryat Players did you proud as they were absolutely fabulous, and it was such a pleasure to be there. Another splendid evening at King’s!  
The standard is astonishing with so many young players and your organisation and all the work beforehand greatly appreciated. 
It was amazing to see so many little players coming into the hall at King’s and then to read that some of them were as young as 10. And, under their talented conductor, Leandro Silvera, they were well able to cope with a very varied programme, ranging from Bach to Piazzolla.
The reality of 'young-people' delivering difficult music after only five days of rehearsal is such a counter to the widespread assumption that children shouldn't be pushed, that I felt that a batch of the more progressive educationalists should be forced to sit in the front row of a Marryat Players' concert. Some of the back-desks looked as though they had been reserved for Hobbits!
I was so impressed by the standard of playing and by the complexity of the repertoire the orchestra tackled.
Another delightful Marryat Players evening…as usual superb. Their talent leaves me breathless.

Spell-binding, overwhelming by any standards.

It was truly another unforgettable evening for players and audience.

The Marryat Players played with such verve, enthusiasm, passion and skill. The whole concert was an utter delight. I think everyone was entranced.

We came home on a real high after a wonderful musical evening and are already looking forward to the next one. A real treat to witness.

An astounding evening. Listening last night I realised that the Marryat Players now have their own very recognisable sound. Fresh, exciting, gripping, tremendous attack and cohesion, an exemplary string orchestra by any standards.

Absolutely stunning….a triumph of a concert!